Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hello again!!!

OMG how long is it ago that I did my last post!?!?! Well, it must have been almost a year by now!!!
But I'm back - or I'll "try to be back" at least!

Let me show you this little thing that caught my attention at a supermarket today:

A lighter with Ingrid Bergman/ "Casablanca" on it? It was just so unexpected to see it - I had to buy it, there was no other way, don't you agree? :) Actually I have no use for it - I don't smoke and I'm not the biggest fan of candles so... anyways - if I ever need a lighter I'll be prepared!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


After a looooooooooong absence.... I once more want to show you the beauty of Ingrid Bergman♥:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A quite Isabellicious birthday :)

Hehe got 3 Isabella Rossellini things for my birthday on July 26th :)) I also wanted some Ingrid stuff, but my parents just don't know what's still missing in my I also got some money so I can buy Ingrid items myself:)

Her perfume "Manifesto". I simply love that fragrance !I just can recommend it to anybody:)
Her book "Some of Me". When I unwrapped the present and just saw a part of the cover, I thought my parents bought me her book "Looking At Me" what I already have. The covers look quite similar!
Her book/DVD "Green Porno". Hilarious, intresting and one thing I know: I'll never eat anchovies again ....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My favourite Bergman/Rossellini movies+Stromboli

Ok, I know every Bergman/Rossellini movie but Giovanna d'Arco al Rogo, so I just can judge about the other 5 :)

my rank 5 is "Europa '51", nevertheless a good movie, but I wouldn't call it my favourite. (Story and background another time)

my rank 4 is "La Paura" (engl."Fear"), wonderful dramatic and a great story (Story and background another time)

my rank 3 is "Siamo Donne"(We, the Women), kinda funny, especially the part with Ingrid Bergman of course;)->we're just talking about this part here :D(Story and background another time)

my rank 2 is "Viaggio in Italia"(Journey to Italy), with George Sanders by her side, Ingrid Bergman did just an incredible good movie!(Story and background another time)

my rank 1 is "Stromboli":) my criticism - see below;)

My personal favourite Bergman/Rossllini film. The story is perfect and I think the great thing about this movie is, that -except Ingrid Bergman- there's no real actor ! That all were inhabitants of Stromboli (as I've heard and read). And that gives the movie so much charm, plus the perfect Ingrid Bergman it's one of the best movies ever (I think the best movie ever is Gaslight...). Also Rossellini has shown the life on that island, how the people there really live and I think that's somekind of "trademark" for Rossellini at that time, because after "Stromboli" he didn't really return to his old style.
The story and the background, I'll post another time :))because it would be too much for me now -.-

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ingrid reading "The Pied Piper of Hamelin"

Ingrid not just was beautiful and the best actress ever, she also was an excellent story teller ;)))


Since I also really love her daughter too, I'll post some pix/vids of her every now and then :))

My Napoleon (TV Series) 2002 edit along with "Waterloo"by ABBA. Since I've watched it I'm totally intersted in Napoléon and Joséphine, I can't tell you how much XD. Just borrowed about 9 books about them from the library :)makes me totally happy :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Isabella Rosselini:)

Well, I also LOVE her:) Really, she doesn't just look like her mother, she's also as great as her !And for me the mosPublish Postt beautiful woman alive:)So I made a tribute video - hope you like it :)

PS.:I'm gonna post some pictures of my Ingrid Bergman rose in the next days :)

---I think I'm gonna order some of Isabella's perfumes:)
---Since I'm editing this short after midnight on June 19th, happy belated birthday Isabella:)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some pictures of this adoreable lady

well this look - just adoreable - and you still wonder why I simply LOVE her?
btw my mother sometimes tells me, that I look like her :)))well I'm very proud of that !
she can be adoreable (she's always been adoreable:))but that's a mean look ;)
again- you wonder!?
Well I love pictures of her with the twins - did I ever mention that ?:)))Sooo cute !